Angry Female Student Infects 324 Men With HIV As Revenge!


A 19-year-old woman in Africa from a place called Nakuru, Kenya who attends Kabarak University and admitted to infecting 324 men with HIV/AIDS virus on purpose.

The woman claims she is not done and her goal is to spread the disease to at least 2,000 men in retaliation for her being infected by the disease at a party.

The girl reached out to the Kenyan Daily Post and after being assured that her identity would remain a secret and shared the story about what lead up to her targeting men to sleep with and share the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.



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  1. 1 guy did this to her but yet again she let thus happen by not making someone wear condom.. I am sorry it takes two and if your going to get that drunk that you don’t know what your doing or remember maybe you need to take a good look at yourself.. She should be charged for slowly killing ppl with HIV knowing what she is doing to ppl as it wasn’t all man only one where it started.. Sorry she is evil..

  2. Anyone that is well read on this topic knows that she couldn’t have possibly infected all of those men. It is true that it is easier for an HIV-infected man to infect a woman than it is for an HIV-infected woman to infect a man. This is a result of the basic anatomy of sexual intercourse. And also another factor is if she’s taking medication for the virus, her chances of passing on the virus are even slimmer. But instead of looking at her, I think society should take a look at itself. We raise our young men amongst misogynistic standards and raise our young women to adhere to this faux natural order. Thus stories like this don’t move me because its the social norm and many are desensitized to it. So the change wont come if the little one’s aren’t educated by the ones who should always actively seek knowledge, the adults.

  3. First of all, the bitch was DRUNK! No, that does NOT excuse what the guy did (having sex w/ her while she was incapacitated), however, if SHE had acted RESPONSIBLY and never gotten drunk in the FIRST place, then it probably would NOT have happened, and as a DIRECT RESULT, she would NOT now be HIV POSITIVE! Our bodies are OUR responsibility! If WE don’t take care of them, nobody else WILL! And intoxication is NOT taking care of our bodies!

  4. I hope this dumb fucking cunt gets arrested. YOU fucked up your life by getting drunk at some party and being a dumb slut you do NOT go and spread your filth to men. Dumb ass bitch.

  5. Damn sick ass bitch!!! Cause one man infected you, you want to infect them all like they are to blame. Maybe some females like tthis sick bitch who can’t control they liquor sshouldn’t drink if you can’t function enough to know who’s dipping and diving in ya damn goodie.

  6. this stupid girl decided to get sloppy drunk and go to a hotel. She needs to take some blame… now she passing infected pussy around. Grow tf up.. fyi everybody don’t want your wide ass

  7. oh lord people now a days are stupid as hell and on top of that if that boy had sex with her when she was drunk then why didn’t she go to the police about I’m just saying if it wasn’t concent then she has a reason to go get justice…but don’t sit up their and infect people who had nothing to do with you…just saying


  9. Bitch deserves to rot. I’m sorry sucks what happened to her but she needs to be stoned to death brought back to life then chopped up piece by piece while breathing.

  10. Females are pigs too act just like men and this bitch takes the cake on nasty dirty pig 1 guy the she chose to sleep with and she destroys 300+ men end this bitches life now before its alot more….

  11. I understand the pain but what about the wives n girlfriends of those she is giving hiv too. She is dead wrong however yall men beware of bitter chicks like this only a virtuous man can find a virtuous woman…n its a law against what she is doing Ican see if she was raped but she gave the goods up n now gotta pay wit a damaged body not to mention boo boo u are probably going to Hell…Happy burning

  12. Hell u don’t feel bad for her because if she would have respected herself and not got sloppy drunk that shit would have never happened! Ppl need to take responsiblity for their own actions for her to blam it on All men is just crazy!!! YES is sucks that a guy that maybe know he had it have this to her BUT u just can’t blame ALL men!

  13. Hope someone kills this bitch, i mean shit if she is telling the truth she just gave over 324 people a death sentence. She deserves to have HIV and to get AIDS and to have the shit beat out of her. Hope this cunt can’t afford the medicine either…

  14. So she goes clubbing. Gets really drunk. And then she goes to some hotel with people. She is so drunk and she passes out. And she expects not to me raped? Are you kidding me? If go to a hotel and expect not to be slept with You must be dumb

  15. at the end of the day you’ll die, whats the point of infecting other people? whatever happened was a mistake made by that silly boy who took advantage of u when u were drunk, that does not give you the right to infect other innocent people…you are not only punishing men but also their families, they need their brothers n fathers to take care of them..whoever you are please think about these families…

  16. Sad to say but that goes to show u that people need to protect themselves at all times and cost… plus if u gonna cheat. It goes to show no one is safe… STRAP UP OR LAY OUT…..

  17. If there is any femists out there then b4 you say any of you stupid BS, STFU. This hoe knows what she is doing and should be put on trial, this is the same as killing people. She is giving people an uncurable STD, that attacks the immune system and can kill ppl. Nice job hoe, die.

  18. Why be that drunk that u dont no what. Your doing,u can’t blame some one for what u let be done because u where drunk ,u got to be more aware of urself an surrounding…..

  19. lol dumb ass bitch thinks shes fuckin men over.. those dudes all fucked 5 other chicks raw dog after her slutty ass, congrats you just infected 1500 more sluts bitch.. at least now your not the only cum guzzler in your town that wants to kill yourself

  20. does this fucking spastic realise that those men are probably going to have unprotected sex with other women if they did it with her ………….she’s on some absolutely crazy mission to punish men when it was probably some ho in the first place that gave him HIV

  21. Excuse me but no woman is any better for knowingly sleeping with a married man. This girl has gotten drunk, whites herself out ended up with HIV and is now infecting men, all the women they sleep with and like Andre mentioned any unborn innocent children. This woman is a disgrace to the human race and the poster child of evil. I have no doubts that karma or God or whatever she believes in will find her.

  22. Ok, for everyone who keeps saying that you should have the right to go out and get as drunk as you please and dress as provocatively as you want and not have to worry about getting raped, yes you do have that right, and you’re right, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. But if you honestly believe that just because you shouldn’t have to worry about it that it isn’t going to happen, then you are a fool. In a perfect world you would be able to do those things and rape wouldn’t be a problem. This is not a perfect world however. You can go and do these things if you like, but anyone with half a brain knows that there is a high risk involved. As for this girl, she went clubbing with strangers and got drunk, and then went back to a hotel with these strangers and got even more drunk. Who doesn’t have the foresight to know that sex is very very likely at this point? She can’t blame every man on the planet for her irresponsible actions. This doesn’t sound like rape to me, it sounds like these two got wasted and had sex. Both parties were at fault. On top of that, when did having sex make someone a bad person? Women sleep around just as much as men do, yet she decided to randomly target hundreds of men and infect them just because they wanted to have sex and they are men. Why not take it to the next level of stupidity and say that all people who have meaningless sex should die?

  23. No matter how much pain she was in/ is in to become that which utterly destroy you only continues the cycle!! What about the girls and woman who are infected unknowingly by the men you’ve chosen to destroy with your conquest!! Such a sad and pitiful woman now this will be her legacy….a murderer!!!!!

  24. And make every female suffer n loose their lives unknowingly because she is a vicous selfish morally fukd up little girl for her to not c she is killing of hundreds of females and their futures too!!! Thick murdering whore!

  25. This is beyond inhumane. This is also a fear of mine, and unfortunately is not enough of a fear of others. Too many people are too careless with their lives, and are hurting our future. This is Murder by the masses. I realize this girl is already in a hell of her own, but she should have gone ahead and just killed herself. Hopefully this is an eye opener to all the careless people out there!

  26. Not only did she ruin all of those men but their kids. Not all men r the same she should have thought it through n made a responsible decision.. U were wrong n yet u didn’t care. The boy who infected u should be held responsible not all of those men. I hope God can forgive u

  27. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. You have every right to be furious but you don’t have the right to fuck up the lives of every man you come into contact with.what she needs to do is put a bullet between the eyes of the piece of shit who infected her!!!!!

  28. She’s dead wrong for that bs and they need to put her a** under the jail and the hardcore females beat her four times a day just as she said she was sleeping with four different men four times in a day. Men/women bcus it looks good don’t mean its good. A real woman won’t give it up that easily. This some pathetic sh**

  29. I’m reading all these comments about her stupid choice which I agree with, it was very stupid but she shouldn’t be taking it out on all male’s but I’m also wondering how the fuck she’s not pregnant yet… That’s a lot of unprotected sex

  30. Yes she has a right to be mad what happen to her should not have happen at all. What she fails to see is she is no better then the person who did this to her. Let’s be real she saying this person has ruined her life but she the one ruining it many people with this std have and are living life. I feel like instead of her taking lives she should have done something to try and save others. Let’s be serious here she making a lot of people pay for someone that was not they fault. Deal with your problem with the person who caused it. This girl needs to be stopped not only that see needs help. I really hope this girl stops what she is doing cause these unsuspecting people don’t deserve this no one dose.

  31. This bitch stupid for one dnt give a fuck how drunk you are you gone check to see if dude got a rubber on she fucked up and now she want all men to suffer. Dumb girl it won’t be just them. I don’t like people like that blame everyone for their fuck UPS bitch stupid

  32. Wow I cant believe this girl, she nasty. Just because 1 guy gave her this doesn’t mean every guy in the world deserve to be put in that situation… I hope they put this girl where she belong. . Prison!!

  33. She is really something else. Wth is wrong with her ? Seriously ! If we don’t stop her this is going to get to everyone. She is infecting men, those men have sex with other woman those woman have sex with other men etc etc etc it goes back and forth and it will eventually spread all over the world. She is sick, she needs help ! She is traumatized from a situation she went through in the past, witch was 100% her fault. If she hadn’t drank soo much and she knew what she was going to get I to why even get yourself in that situation. If she was more careful with her surroundings she wouldn’t be in this situation. This is just not right ! She is infecting innocent people that have done nothing wrong! This NEEDS TO BE STOPPED !!

  34. Just a stupid bitch!!!! You go to a hotel, room with any guy with liquor at 8pm 1pm 3 am? What you think will happen? You’ll watch wheel a fortune? He’s going to want to fuck you… that’s what guys do. Get you drunk n …… duh. She had to of known what was going down.. she took a chance and it back fired.. she ain’t innocent at all….. I wasn’t there, but I’m sure it was 50/50.. both wanted sex..

  35. Ok i can understand her bein pissed at the one dude, he said he used condom when he didnt. Id be pissed too, but to go and do this is just insane, one man ruined ur life, doesnt mean u need to ruin not only other mens lives but their families lives as well. She should be alowed to drink n get shit faced, yea she acted irrisponsibly but who hasnt gotten shit faced at least once, it was the fact he lied to her. N infected her. But doesnt excuse her knowingly and purposly affecting other people just for revenge, this is sick.

  36. She’s needs help the fat mess doing that to inocent people she should have made his life hell not every one else’s is this going to change what happened to her and make her HIV go away no it’s not. She’s going to come to her Senses and hate her self more than the nasty guy that gave it to her cos she is potentially killing people and if a murdering son of a gun hasn’t got a guilty conscience I don’t no who had but she will be screwed like she gets every day

  37. Her hurt is terrible, but she shouldn’t punish people who did nothing to her.
    The whole “you men are going to pay for what you did to me” pissed me off. Not you men but that one man.
    I hope they find her and kill her. I’m sorry to say while what happened to her is terrible. … she shouldn’t take it out on men who had nothing to do with it.
    Don’t ruin others lives for one bad decision you made….. and yes I’m talking about going back to a hotel with men you hardly know and getting that drunk

  38. Why not just make the boy she claims gave it to get tested; then back track if she has to….what she trying to do infect the world!? That’s not just revenge on the men but mothers AND children!!! Plus it’s her own damn fault for going home with men knowing you already drunk, just to get so drunk you don’t even know who you had sex with or if you used a condom.the blame is on her for being soooo reckless.girls do this a lot too! She should enlighten the youth about the FAST life, not take life! That bitch going to hell.

  39. She should not have went to a hotel party drunk, so one that’s was get stupidity. But as far as the dumb ass men go, that’s wtf they get, I mean how fucking stupid can you be to smash some random ass chick with out protection!

  40. That is absolutely insane the world didnt give it to her the one man did so what about all the wives an and children she is also taking the chance of infecting, unborn babies an everything God will not judge her lightly

  41. U guys aren’t even looking at the larger picture. Ok she infected 300 people in a university where everyone fucks. She’s now given it to half her university who in turn brought it home and back to there states. This is not a joke. Dumb bitch could kill the human race with a mentality like that

  42. Drinking comes with a responsibility ! Obviously somethingshe can’t control and shouldn’t be consuming alcohol ! Your actions are not others fault maybe he didn’t realize it either also being drunk . Youre the devil we all been waiting for ! I hope god is with you

  43. Personally I always wear a condom. I don’t want kids or any STDs. I’ll have kids later in life, and I never go raw unless she has her papers dated recently to prove she clean. I also get checked 2-3 times a year just to make sure I am safe.

  44. She didn’t have to do that as a revenge she can just go to hospital and fix as possible the doctor can, the more you infected others the more we losing people.. they will help her and she trying to destroy people LIFE just because 1person gave to you and you gave it to 324people

  45. I really hope you think seriously about what you are doing.its nobody fault but yourown. God loves you no matter what has hhappened to you,trust Him ask him to heal your soul ,He and only Him can free you.please stop, stop now and pray

  46. Now I sit and wait to hear about some guy killing her for doing this or get the death penalty. Not that I know if where she is even does that. But plan and simple, this bitch needs to die.

  47. She said that men destroyed her life, but her life was destroyed when she consumed too much alcohol that she could not handle! From there her way of thinking, was left in the hands of predators! She really does not know how many men penetrated her the night she believe she was infected! I can’t believe her claims, that one individual is responsible, too many contradictions in what she was saying! This young woman had been sleeping around unprotected! Sad thing about this whole story, the innocent lives that will be effected. Also those who will read this story and not take heed!

  48. I don’t even know her but I don’t like her what happened to her was her fault why mess somebody else life up don’t be surprised if she comes up missing because somebody is bound to kill or hurt her

  49. She was raped after passing out drunk. Granted she shouldn’t have been drinking with people she couldn’t trust it doesn’t take away the fault of the man who infected her by having informal sex with her while she was passed out. She should have filed charges not spread the death further in spite.

  50. That’s really messed up because not everyone did this to her and hell getting so drunk not knowing what she was doing is her fault she has no one to blame but herself I hope she burns in hell

  51. Red? What does every other man gotta do with that man doing it to you…you got drunk & let your guard down, you knew who it was, so why Chase behind innocent men who have families…go after the one who did it.

  52. So out of.324 people, none of them wanted to use a.condom? And why didnt they lock this bitch up. I thought it was against the law to infect people if uknow. Attempted murder?

  53. In all honesty, if both parties were drunk when she was infected then it isn’t rape, the “sex” part has no one at fault but the infection half of this is illegal on her end. It may not be illegal on the guy that infected her’s end because he may not have know (If this is in the USA). Regardless, what she’s doing is wrong because she’s preying on others for her own mistakes. Had she not been so intoxicated that she “blacked out” or unwisely had unprotected sex all of this could have been avoided. Now if she was abducted and raped that would be a different story but still wouldn’t justify preying on men this way.

  54. She is a very poorly informed woman. Males getting infected is a much lower incedence than vise versa. Also the men having sex with her have a resposability in protecting them selves.

  55. Wow she fails to realize that she is not only hurting the men who’ve done nothing to her but their families as well. How selfish of her. The lesson was to never get that drunk but that’s an excuse she knew what she was doing just was affected by the outcome. Smdh I hope she rots in prison

  56. Read some ppl saying BS again on here, saying shit like she can get drunk so it’s not her fault. It’s your choice to get drunk, there is no excuse by saying that ‘hey i was drunk’. You are held responsible for your actions because you chose to drink and you should know the consequences if you go to a party especially if you a girl. She got drunk, fucked (She probs really enjoyed it), got fucked over and blames everyone else except herself

  57. Fuck her. She took the easy way out. She gave in to her grief and despair and took it out on so many other men/people even though none of those other men and had nothing to do with her getting the HIV. I know exactly how she feels and I feel her pain. My ex gf gave me an STD that I have to live with for the rest of my life and I’d be lying if at first I didn’t feel bitter about it. I felt a lot of hatred (Mainly towards my Ex) and felt very singled out. Although instead of doing what this HIV bitch did, I closed up and didn’t have sex for 20 months while I figured out what I had and how I could treat myself to improve it. I didn’t give up on life even though I felt like it. I didn’t go around having sex with a bunch of women. I was afraid of what I had and I refused to be that girl or guy that infects the world with their STD. I refuse to know that I’ll be responsible for the death of others because of my actions. Despite the ongoing hatred and health issues I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life, I’m still going to remain a good person. So like I said, this bitch took the easy way out.

  58. Hey that’s 324 counts of attempted murder. That picture and her confession will get her caught. Jus because one man infected her does my mean she should go around infecting innocent men. I bet she is throwing her self at anyone. Probably going to take an innocent man’s virginity as well and infect him. I hope she suffers with aids in prison. Once other inmates find out what she’s done she will get what’s coming to her. Chances are she Will infect a loved one of one of her fellow inmates in prison and get beat by a broomstick as no one will beat her hands on out of fear of her poisonous blood

  59. What happened to you is unacceptable, an I can only imagine what you went through when you first found out an what you prolly still go through with your health. But on how you’re tryin to make every man pay for what one man did is the most selfish an childish thing you could do not only are you just affected them but you said a lot are married men so you not only want to make them pay, but the wives they go home to, to be infected as well. I could understand why you feel like you let your family down u were ashamed its understandable but for you to have sex with one guy while u were intoxicated an he infected you with out you knowing is a mistake anybody can make but taking what that one guy did an doing the same thing to 324 others makes you no better u just stooped to his level that is something a family would truly be ashamed of. I could only assume how you felt when that guy didn’t tell you he was positive an slept with you anyways like he was doomed an if he was going to be he was sure to put u in the same situation as well. But think if he only took the time to strap up or atleast tell you, it could have prevented you becoming positive. wouldn’t you want him to have that decency to inform you I’m pretty sure those men you infected was hopin that you had the same decency I’m just saying I doubt your family was ashamed before but I’m sure as hell they are now!

  60. Yeah there is no way this is true. Based on seroconversion rates between my relationships, she would have had to sleep with 300,000 men. There is not enough time in the world. Jesus.

  61. Haha what a dumbass. Instead of seeking help and trying to find a reason to keep living she’s out to destroy the human holy shit.. I feel bad for every dumb son of a bitch she comes across. She should just kill herself.. Psycho bitch

  62. If this is true, this is just sad. It’s completely understandable how upset she is- but I wonder if she thinks about all the women she’s affecting by her actions..women who may be in the same situation as her.

  63. Why didn’t she just kill her self ? Thus why this shit spreads rapidly. Idiots. She’ll get charged I hope I saw it on law and order. Oh and Dallas buyers club totally not what I thought it was it was all about HIV. Ugh makes u wanna stay in a bubble. Touch no one. And she said she went to the second party. I just don’t see why she just didn’t take him out then herself problem solved. That’s my opinion.

  64. Wow. What is wrong with her? Seriously? One guy rapes her and ALL men have to suffer for it? No way. If she dares to come to the US and try this shit she won’t get far.

  65. What’s Bad About This is Not Only Is She Giving It To Men, She’s Giving It To Women And Babies. If A Guy Is Cheating On His Woman With Her And Goes Back And Has Sex Then She Gets It. If A Baby Is Being Vaginally Delivered, The Baby Suffers. So Fuck This Bitch.

  66. Point blank.. It was her actions that caused it to happen. She should have known her limit with drinking and kept it at that. Shit happens when you don’t behave responsibly. No one should ever have to experience it but it does happen. Goes to show people need to be more careful and cautious. Whether you are single, married.. Whatever! This is beyond crazy. Smh

  67. this girl is the reason aids is around and cannot,,be controlled, just quit spreading death and accept yourself girl, be proud of who you are anyways because there is nothing you can do about it now. just be happy, i’m sure having sex with 4 or more men a day is not making you happy, be who you are, you only have this life to live, it’s not as long as you think, 50 years can go by in a blink of an eye.

  68. Stupid bitch needs b in jail wtf wrong with her ass. And the niggas that was in a relationship that’s what y’all dog asses get for looking for sumn and coming home with fleas. Don’t go looking cause bitches dirty.

  69. Thats so rude!!! Not all guys are bad or even close to like that and lets not forget THIS IS IN KENYA!!!! how can she prove she got it from that guy you can go years with no symptoms!!! This is why disease keep spreading!!! Help the world and think women!!!!

  70. This bitch needs arrested and given the death penalty better yet hope one of the wives just shoot her! For her to know how it felt when she found out n to want to make other ppl feel like that she’s a no good bitch!

  71. Wow…I can understand how she’s feeling, but people with that mentality are not just ruining the man’s life, but also their girlfriend or future wives and family’s life.

  72. Honestly doesn’t even matter now that her pictures out she’s a dead bitch!! One of those 300+ men is gonna get their revenge.. this is Kenya were talking about after all… problem not too hard to make a bitch dissappear

  73. That is messed up. The fact that she’s hurt (which I understand) because she contracted the disease unknowingly makes it unbelievable to me that she would do the same to somebody else. While she’s out infecting these 324 men she’s also putting women in danger of contracting the disease unknowingly like she did! The men will probably not know they’re infected right away and be spreading it to whoever else… Why fight fire with fire?

  74. No that bitch need to take responsibility for her own actions. She laid there got pissy drunk and unknowingly got infected. That’s the chance she took with her own life I would kill that bitch personally cause that’s what she doing walking round killing people smh sad

  75. Well sumone needs to shoot her, i mean hiv/aids, already runs rampid over there already and people are tryin to get it under control efforts are put forth everyday, as many people try to fight this and one persin is responsible possibly for infecting thousands of innocent people and she needs to be held accountable with her life

  76. Dum ass bitch u need to control what u drink u made that choice to go out in drink and get fucked your friend should of be real friend and stop him from taking u home one man did that not all men get your life tougher my bad too late

  77. so was that guy Javan the one that gave it to her? it just says she confronted him and him stating that he was clean?
    And that’s crazy she’s a serial killer she should get picked up for what she’s done and about to do. “I feel bad for her but the way she’s going about it is wrong”

  78. It was just one man that ruined it for her… those men’s wives and and other future girlfriends will get HIV too.. what the fuck.. what it spreads and spreads around really bad.. that is a serious thing. That bitch should die. She should of done something about it. She should of just killed herself instead of spreading it. Whore. Yes I said whore. Dumb fucking whore.

  79. Post this bitches name, so she can get whats coming to her. For fucks sake, “getting back at everyone”

    Stupid cunt should of made the guy wear a condom before getting infected, and not blame it on him for not telling… he may not even known he had it if he was sleezy enough. Fuck that even goes to her for her bad judgement for even sleeping with the guy. Cunt, Kill this bitch.

  80. That’s so retarded why would you wanna have other people suffer for someone else’s mistake…that’s just wrong in so many ways. I just think this bitch is stupid as hell that’s ur own fault for being a drunk whore seriously no one out a gun to ur head and told u to get drunk and shit that ur own fault! Smh

  81. this is crazy just because one guy demoralized you does not make it right to go and do it to every other guy. Furthermore, you must have a substantial lack of self respect to purposely be a whore, and instead of punishing guys who did nothing to you by your revolting, vile behavior why don’t you punish the guy responsible?

  82. Yeah that bitch need her ass beat but on the other hand as far as married me, u guys shouldn’t be cheating anyhow….U MARRIED!!!!! U wouldn’t have to worry about shit like this if u were sleeping with ur wife only…..I’m just saying

  83. She ignorant as fuck and deserves to die just because ur a whore n slept around drunk and caught a disease doesn’t give u the right to go and ruin others lives she needs to be arrested and killed

  84. She thinks she’s smart when actually she’s now infecting 1000s of women. Great plan fucktard. Did she think they were all gonna stop sleeping with women after?

  85. she’s killing innocent people that didn’t have nothing to do with it wow. thats really wrong leaving innocent kids too without their parents. she slept with married guys and those guys went hime and slept with their wifes smh.

  86. .. Days so stupid .. She’s HIV Positive not an Aids patient .. Smh so still sleepin wit men or what ever is goin to hurt her self in the long run .. Not only that but fucking up ppl who didn’t even do anything to her .. Maybe the one who did it but not almost 400 new clueless men n she still tryna go to 2000 .. Days bout a millon ppl getting affected .. Wow no wonder Africa region has a high rate in HIV N aids .. Smh. .

  87. Yes most men and women are the same, but what is sad is that not only is she harming men but women as well. It is not a women’s fault if her husband is going to fool around and catch something most women have no clue if there husband or bf is cheating when a person commits they are going to trust their partner. Yes it is the man’s fault for putting his family in harms way but it is still wrong of her. Too bad her so called suicidal attempts didn’t work. Guess the lesson here is don’t ever have sex again who’s to say a condom won’t break js……

  88. Yes most men and women are the same, but what is sad is that not only is she harming men but women as well. It is not a women’s fault if her husband is going to fool around and catch something most women have no clue if there husband or bf is cheating when a person commits they are going to trust their partner. Yes it is the man’s fault for putting his family in harms way but it is still wrong of her. Too bad her so called suicidal attempts didn’t work. Guess the lesson here is don’t ever have sex again who’s to say a condom won’t break js……

  89. Wait so u gna judge shes an adult shes aloud to drink. Ita javons fault for being a pig and taking advantage of her as for her infecting other individuals is down right trifiling for making others suffer becuz is stupid man didnt wrap it b4 he tapped it.

  90. What is being accomplished but making people miserable for her actions she could have done the mature thing and sued the guy for rape instead of infecting everyone else its people like this who cause epidemics

  91. Shoot that bitch like a zombie cuz “Head Shot” No left for dead over here! Ik what happened to her is wrong..Hell its worst then wrong its evil, But what she is doing is unforgivable it is inhumane, Those men she’s infecting didn’t rape her, they didn’t shove a bottle down her throat n say drink bitch. No her actions caused that out come. We all learned Cause &Effect in school and we know(Well most of us) Drinking leads to you being fucked up. At the end of the day she is dead wrong, and she knows this. She coulda have did the right thing and filed charges against that piece of shit, sorry excuse of a human but no she decided to stoop to his level and decides to become Patient Zero and infect the world. Im sorry sweetheart for what happened to you I deeply am but your decision to infect those married men (BFs. Fathers and brother) put s everyone they come into contact with in jeopardy. Not just men but women and children alike…..Did they deserve that same fate that you yourself didn’t deserve? I hope that you read this and some how it touches the good girl thats still inside you and you stop this……I pray that this finds you before a bullet finds your skull. God help her…….

  92. back in the day when aids became a global spread epidemic patient zero… or Gaëtan Dugas was a handsome airline employee whom took it upon himself to spread the disease in spite of others… his victims saying after sleeping with them he would tell them i have gay cancer and now so do you. since believing aids only began then… science has brought into light the fact that it goes back to the beginning of the century, found in preserved dna ect. They say aids was originally a virus first found in monkeys and chimps, evolving in each host until one day the different strains mixed in a host chimp who probably ate a smaller monkey (yes they do that) and then transferred to humans simply from a man hunting, becoming cut with blood to blood contact and eating the infected chimp. there are actually 12 different types of aids out in the world festering though only one has made it across the divide into humans goodluck to us all is all i can say.

  93. Nobody ruined her life but her because she chose to sleep with person that infected her without making sure he wore protection. We have control over our own lives and what we choose to do with it us up to us

  94. She is martyring herself to spread the lesson she learned only too late. These other college men, married men, lawyers, celebrities and politicians should all know better as well. It is an infuriating thing being deceived (!!!) And people should see this girl and either know she has bad motive or at least respect her enough to care about HER well being above their own sex drive!! Or she really will never heal from this. Hate for some reason scars the brain and heart and soul and having an immune disease can also prevent the rage from subsiding! She may look bad but that anger she has is more human and comes from more pain than anyone can ever admit to having.

  95. This is disgusting and sick, but it does take two to tango. Maybe she shouldn’t be such a drunk slut, such a whore. Making EVERY man pay for ONE mans mistake, or maybe it was the guy before that? Because Javan denied it? That’s fucking disgusting. Keep your fucking legs closed. Nasty whore.

  96. She only got what was expected at that party so why is she playing victim confront the mistakes you make that’s all is stupid to try to get revenge with others for somehting she caused by no being responsible enough to stay conscious and take care of herself.

  97. That’s fuxked right up takes it out on us like who told you to go get drunk and fuck that’s dumb if you ask me people do stupid stuff when there drunk and you just did that stupid problem sick


  99. Well wat did she expect having drunk sex will get u every time should have been more careful. But that mess u doing its not all men’s fault so that’s just stupidity they need to lock her asz up somewhere

  100. BTW HIV is not a death sentence you can live a full life span as long as you don’t keep causing damage to your own body. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate other people. Meds are quite cheap in Africa. Some of y’alls comments really make me sick.

  101. She a durty bitch if she would of took her ass to class instead of shaking all dat ass maybe she could of avoided that situation but gets no respect for spreading that shit to everybody that gots nothing on nothing to do wit her choices from the past

  102. It’s awful this happen to her but what she should be doing is telling her story and letting other know about safe sex. Take this awful thing that happen to her and make it educational so other know this can happen no matter who you are.

  103. She’s a dumb ass bitch! It’s her fault her nasty ass got HIV the bitch was clearly drunk. I don’t understand how sleeping with multiple men is going to make her nasty ass HIV go away. The bitch needs to be confined karma is going to get her nasty ass back.

  104. That’s some f***ed up shit.She’s not right in the head.And now I reckon someone she’s infected is gonna get the ultimate revenge and bury the bitch ! She should be more responsible in the 1st place by not getting F***ed up on booze and being a bitch ass trick !!!

  105. That’s crazy my mom caught it from my dad when. I was two but my mom didn’t. Scoop that low anyone who approach her she will tell them n its there choice rather they still want to talk to her or nah

  106. This bitch is crazy and wrong in so many ways it was one idiot not MEN who did this to her she deserves justice for the idiot who did something to her or at least say the whole story because all it says is she doesnt remember so who knows what actually happened she should also be punished for doing that idiotic shit

  107. she is a dumb bitch She’s infecting these guys and in return they are infecting other woman …. stupid bitch she needs to go to jail or just throw herself off a bridge …

  108. This is s fucked up story and its sad to know thatin the state of California they only see it as a misdemeanor rather than a felony… She and everyone knowingly infecting ppl with HIV/AIDS needs and deserves a harsh consequence.. Smh she has no remorse.. Stupid girl

  109. Dirty ass slut yuck so u pass it around giving it to others other women other men when only one man you choose to fuck when drunk that was your wrong ur choice your curle and a muderder and should be in jail it’s a horrible thing to do ur passing it to women who would feel the same way or men u did the same thing and ruined some one else’s life to be selfish self centered ass cunt ur so fucked up.. You could have put him in jail and got treatment to help live a longer life and got help to talk to some one rather than just be a dirty ass slut passing shit around that’s what’s fucked up with this world people like you.. You wanna be a big girl and make big girl choices like fucking put the condom on his dick so u know its there bring ur own condom

  110. she should be charged with 324 counts of murder and hand in many future murders of others. She should rot in jail for the rest of her life and give the rest of the lesbians who rape her in jail hiv and free up some space in prison. It is incredibly disgusting how 1 man fucks you in both ways and now you deliberately sleep and pass it on to innocent people? Forget the married men and w/e you claim to sleep with but what about the men who are honestly interested in you? First degree murder.

  111. so yes she sucks but…… lets not forget that 324 men had sex with her thay made that choice she not holding them down and bleeding on them yes she is responsible but so are they

  112. What she is doing is wrong but you guys are not looking at it from her point of view. She was given a death sentence. She is a child and is going to think like one. She is that about the payback for someone not caring about her life so why should she care about anyone else. She needs some serious help. Everyone is so quick to talk shit about what she did but you never know your own reaction until you have been in that persons shoes. I had a friend who tried to kill her boyfriend over a curable STD. If someone infected me with something I couldn’t tell you what I would or wouldn’t do or how I would handle the situation. SHe was a victim first and people fail to realize that.

  113. …… I Hope I See Her One Day Soo I Can Beat Her Ass Frfr Cuss That Shit Aint Cool , thats nasty asf… she gon infect da world cuss of her problem . Bitch if you dont wanna catch nun then close yo fuckin legs … stupid ass hoee

  114. bitch nobody told u to get drunk taking that shit out on every guy smh no nigga forced a beer down her throat, hope she get caught and get life in jail or the death penalty!

  115. This woman, why infect men who did nothing to you? All it is proving that you let your parents down. And not just your parents, but everyone who had hope for you. I’ll be blunt here, that guy who raped her at the party, yes it is his fault, but infecting other innocent men who did not go to the party and rape you, all it is saying that the woman is being dumb to think all men would do that. This is not just stupid, it’s out right idiotic.

  116. Nasty hoe del centered an abomination to all humans should spent the rest of her life behind bars i feel for the women of those dogs that are married,nasty nasty nasty and she looks a hippo from the waist down how is that attractive,should be charged with premeditated muder…

  117. She’s very bitter because of what happened. Yes you accepted your fate but to destroy people on purpose, so wrong! God have mercy on you and the one who infected you.

  118. What makes me mad is that this picture is not of a girl who lives in Kenya. I know this girl PERSONALLY and she lives in Australia. I’m really mad that her picture was used like this. -_-

  119. I wouldn’t say she is stupid I wouldn’t call her dumb but she should of thought about it more carefully not with sleeping with other people but taking it out on that guy most of all i could understand she is lost but she has to pay for her actions now

  120. I know someone, who are suppose to be visiting that country,he resides in Over rook area, and believe me he will touch her, hell he’s already doing it in West Philly. He’s a wet head.

  121. No sympathy for stupidity. She should know her limit and so should he. And if she just woke up without her clothes on, then it’s possible she definitely consented but blacked out. Neither of them have an excuse for what was done, but what’s done is done. There Is no turning back. I don’t think she had to infect all the men though. She’s fixing things up for any chance any woman has with them as being a permanent significant other in their life. It ruins it for the children that they want to have because the children would become infected and in doing so, they will spread it with their partners. It’s a horrible cycle and this bitch needs to die… Oh wait…

  122. i think if the married men are down for her and are cheating on thier wives then the men deserv it. the problem is that they will give it to their (hopefully) innocent wives and any future children they might have… just a fucked up situatiio over all

  123. First off every one makes mistakes but its the nature of the crime that matters and she admitted to doing it purposely but since everyone wants to quote the word of the lord He also said not to hinder one of his children/cause someone to do something bad or to harm another at the end of the day she was weak and wat she did was wrong but how much more wrong is the lil no guud guy the caused er to do it and I’m sure he knew he was dirty but again she was wrong but my point is all of u who sittin back judging her is no different…because all has done wrong and one day the big question will be asked how can u judge some one else wrong when all commit sin and do wrong??? Wat u gonna say well mine isn’t greater then guess wat I can bet most of u judges didn’t have anyone there to cause u to do this or that and will be looking crazy…call it like it is the guy was wrong and she was too but one will be held accountable for giving the other one the murder weapon do the math….

  124. Bet she don’t even have HIV she just wants an excuse to be a THOT like most these bitches out here. Don’t trust that smut you married or that slut you sleep with every night. Monster might get you keep fuckin around

  125. If she didn’t get that wasted she wouldn’t be in this situation at the end of it all its her fault drink responsibly or dont drink at all. Being overly drunk and not knowing yourself is why these things happen… What a waste of life!

  126. ok she made a bad choice. 1 guy gave her HIV that didnt make all those wrongs right. I get that shes hurt but thats taking it too far you can’t blame EVERY guy you come across thats irrational.

  127. Personally its good that she takes revenge. Itll teach all those guys a lesson to treat girls better and to not sleep with anyone who throws themselves at them. One should already know the risks of have sex let alone unprotected.

  128. I wonder how true is this story coz I read it a couple of months back but the gal was from South Africa with the same exact story the other one was from Nairobi….but I guess this is a wake up call for all man out there. Everytime u have sex it could be that gal so be careful

  129. This big bitch should have kept those big thunder legs close… Who the hell go to a party and have sex with random people? She got what she deserved.she should be cremated I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Frankly I don’t really believe her story because had she infected all of these people she would not be showing her face..why show your face and with hold her name. someone will know who you are one of those men.her ass is probably lying..that makes me sick she should burn in hell… If it’s true but it questionable

  130. Sorry what happen to u but not all men have the fault u are the one who open the leg what’s gone happen to the one that are married there women don’t have the fault what u did and their kid get a doc that can help u sorry what happens

  131. @ Jeff Clark yes magic does have him if u read up on shit he came out and admitted that hi v is back truth be told he never got rid of it and if this chick is doing this wow lock that bitch up she killing the world slowly

  132. I feel nothing for her. Instead of trying to spread awareness, she is spreading disease, is guilty of criminal transmission. I don’t believe her sob story that she was drunk and taken advantage of. That’s bulkshit.

  133. I won’t judge the righteousness /evil of this woman’s or anyone else’s actions. I know that revenge sickens the soul, and that we will all, one day, have to explain to The Creator, our actions. I also know that karma is the champion of justice, which WILL be served at its proper time. I ask only for God’s mercy for this woman and all these men.

  134. this is nobody’s fault but yours because she went somewhere and got drunk now you want to punish the world you have to punish the guy who gave you aids not the world don’t be mad at the world you got drunk

  135. That’s fucked up considering the married men are gonna spread it to the wife’s and then if the wife get pregnant then the baby could either come out with that disease of could die from it it’s not everymans fault that you decide to get drunk

  136. So basically all people have to pay for what one did? Why not seek revenge with him? Hmm…he got off free even after raping you? You’re not the victim you’re just as bad as the guy that did it to you

  137. Just read this article, I think this woman needs to take the blame for what she did to all those men, cuz she kill people unborn and women whose are married and people who going to get married and have kids whose are infected by HIV, She just blaming everyone of those men, cuz she was drunk and slept with someone who had HIV, she was irresponsible and stupid, and she deserves the death penalty, cuz she trying to kill everyone

  138. She’s not just affecting the men, when the men go to anther girl it’s infecting them too. And the married men if they have children she’s also infecting the innocent little kids. What a douche fuck she is.

  139. It was 1 man NOT every man. So sad she feels that way. She should probably controlled her intake of alcohol if she doesn’t even know if he wore a condom. . Sad day.

  140. Not smart to go and get black-out drunk with a bunch of random people, this shit happens all the time. Have to be cautious and smart or it could ruin your life forever. Yes that man that did this to her was way out of line, and I would understand her pain, but she doesn’t need to go and infect innocent men who had nothing to do with her having HIV.

  141. What I don’t understand is why ain’t she in jail I mean people who kill people go to prison or the get the death penalty well hello she is killing people to for this is bullshit

  142. In my opinion both parties are equally responsible because both know how to prevent it from happening. Sure the female shouldn’t seek to do such a thing but if all would follow the golden rule of abstinence, monogamy, and testing to confirm a negative test before marriage but nope thats not going to happen.

  143. Makes no sense at all for her to do this…nobody told her to go and get drunk and go to a party she should have been more responsible and it would not have happened in the first place. Now she blames everyone else for her bad decisions and on top of that, men that had nothing to do with her at that party.

  144. So you get mad cause you a hoe and can’t/won’t keep yo nasty pussy to yoself till you get married. Yo low self esteem having ass. Shoulda been looking for a role model. #disgusting

  145. Stupid hoe dumb as fuc if u had listen to urgent momma nd go school nd learn nd be good instead u being a dumb ass hoe Wat u expect stupid Fuc u is still tranna hurt the innocent people she need to hurry up nd die stupid ass…nd I don’t give a flying Fuc Wat any of y’all say…I got a suggestion for her drink fucking acid bitch

  146. she shouldn’t never party like that in the first place. u should have knew her limit on. Alcohol tho she should blame herself if she won’t to blame somebody u went fo round two and couldn’t handle it …

  147. i have read like 43 comments or so and to be honest you all make alright opinions but you all know three things one- she shouldnt be aloud to continue and authority should stop her cause this is a form and a writen statement of her confessing to 1 or i think second degree murder 2- all the men who cheat or are dishonest yes are ass holes and not worth your time so stop getting pissed just leave or he will pick up that you are mad and feed off of it and want more and you might or might not tak the bait but just drop it cause you will get hurt either way 3- for the men that are STILL virgins what if she lures them in they have never really been with a girl they want to try it for the first time or she really made thm feel like she was the one that they have been waiting for who knows their is still chilvelry dont think their isnt its just hard to find and what if that guy gets this problem, i think he, the wife, the ~child~, and whomever else gets involved shouldnt have to suffer but once again we are always told to be safe so it is our own faults but like we all think we shouldnt have to suffer so i say she should be arrested by police not because she has aids but because she plans on infecting the men who will then spread it to many others being men, woman or child which is one of three not sure dont correct me cause i wont be coming back here but 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree murder with the intent to kill which i think is apart of one of the three. welp thoughts were said idk if they found her and dealt with this hope they did and good bye every one.

  148. She might be happy that she has succeeded in infecting others but did she considered whether she was reinfected with another strain of HIV virus? Thats not a thing to boost about but she should be ashamed of her self for engaging in unprotected sex.

  149. Shouldn’t be getting that drunk. Til the point some can sex you and you’re unaware. That’s carelessness on your part. No one should be suffering from your wreckless living. Getting drunk and passing out at a party.

  150. This stupid bitch deserves the death penalty. Justifying this bitch of being innocent because these men cheated on the wives big fucking deal men and women cheat every damn day. This bitch is sick she is taking human life. I’m a woman my self and I don’t believe in cheating but should a cheater die fuck no that’s fucked up. The bitch is a murder. Hate to see who the fuck raised her.

  151. So she was drunk and had sex and caught HIV. So stupid you don’t take what one man has done and ruin the lives of others out of anger. Now if some of those men die because they contracted it you have jail time on your hands. Guys that you’ve slept with in school etc. That are trying to start their lives you just ended it for them smfh there are much better ways she couldve handled this.

  152. Wow ok I get she was hurt he lied to her but to infect other people like that is so wrong not every man is bad I feel bad for these people now it is wrong to do it to all all of them but someone commented about the married men I don’t feel bad for them I feel bad for their wives who will end up getting it not the men who cheated on there wives just saying

  153. This bitch, really? So cause YOU fucked up and got drunk and had sex with a man that was infected, and now your infected with the HIV. Yours gonna punish every man you sleep with? That don’t make you any better then the man that gave you the virus. What this dumb as bitch dont realize is that she is not just ruining a man that choose to sleep with her and catch the virus but his wife, gf, there unborn children! I thought this world was working on fixing it by not spreading the virus, but no you have ignorant people like this girl that thinks its ok to infect every dick she come across! Well should you take this as a lesson and close your damn legs? Damn this makes me mad cause this bitch is stupid and ignorant, her state of mind is dumb as fuck. Give yourself a pat on the back cause I’m sure your parents are so PROUD of you now more then ever!!! Dumb bitch

  154. after reading this story i dont feel sorry for the girl not one bite she new that she is goin to party and she knew wat was goin to go down she should of came perpared that wat most smart girl do she must not gave a fuck abt her life and now she mad because she gotten HIV that wat happen wen u dnt play it safe sorry is i sound like an asshole but it dosent give her the rite to go around and fuck every guy she see & give them HIV she should go to jail and be let out she is goin around mutder ppl

  155. attempted murder is what that is! Bitch if ur unhappy with ur life look @ ur choices. Blame ur fucking self! Don’t get other people involved in ur rage & depression! Selfish bitch smh I swear I would kill her!

  156. Bitch I feel No sympathy for her dumb ass. How long has HIV and AIDS be out. all the billboards commercial flyers and folks educating her and the World about safe sex and responsible drinking. Its her own dumb ass fault, somebody needs to catch her and end her mission.

  157. If some of you dumb fucks could read she states all she asked was that he wore a condom I’m pretty fuckin sure she didn’t get raped and if you are on this bitches side you should find her and fuck her too and die slow with the dirty hoe

  158. You responsible for your own actions and you only account for yourself. Nobody told her to get drunk to the point of passing out with people she didn’t even know which was irresponsible. She say she was afraid of HIV and possibly becoming pregnant but you still in all that fear agreed to get drunk and “party”…ladies if you don’t respect yourself no one else will…PERIOD. what happened to her started with the first act of disrespect in which she imposed on herself…I feel no remorse for her…

  159. Yeah she stupid as fuck but don’t feel bad for the married men, they should’ve never been slippin with someone else and the lawyers and everyone else rap it up lol they clearly didn’t do therefore they wanted the chance of getting infected =)

  160. There is a time and place for everything. I’m not saying the man should have taken advantage of her in her drunken state but her being a responsible adult, she should have been in the comfort of her own abode instead of being in the street. Now everyone has to pay for her so-called one night of fun? We are responsible for our own decisions.

  161. This is fake clearly if she did do this she would had been arrested and charged…I’m not sayin this situation like this couldn’t have happen but this story here is false people

  162. This is murder but of course in Kenya the laws are not the same and they do not have a strong rule of Law… it’s a shame what happened to her yes but at the end of the day you still have HIV and your still going to die… so what did you really accomplish??? You should be getting your life together you don’t know what is after death but im sure God doesn’t approve

  163. Everyone is talking about “rape” but it never said anything about rape. If she felt like she was raped. I don’t think the only question she would have asked him was, did u use a condom. And went home and took a shower like everything was chill. If u were raped, ur ass would have ran out and called the police. And if she was raped sorry. But giving hiv to everyone is not ok. U should feel bad about ur self. And think about how many women and children u gave it to. She should by law have to find every man. And tell them they have hiv ,so she can see the faces of all the men and there familys. She has killed

  164. This is sad, first u never allow your drinking get in between common sense, u should have checked turn on lights and made sure, and if he did not then u roll one on him or do not have sex with him, but bragging about Lawyer, Piloticians and other was crazy, cause they can sex u up and kill you, you are selfish and u did not care about his wife, kids nothing but what you did to yourself, if he is no protected u do not sleep with him, and I am sick of women using I was drunk that is why I did it or slept with your man I did not mean to it got out of hand, no u wanted him the whole time, and a woman a lady do not allow herself to get drunk to be his target, he knew he had it and you want to blame everyone but self, God&Jesus bless you cause u need them and you will suffer, cause what goes around ten fo as God puts it you pay double, you were foolish and irresponsible in your actions and you going around making others pay for your thoughts your actions I pray half of them come out with nothing, but u will pay cause you over there on a mission and instead of you thinking our Black Brothers and Sisters have and r suffererd enough, no you want to put whip creams on it and you are a Sister, make men and women double think if cheating is worth it No I know it is not, run up on a nut case like you, well I pray for you and all those that you think u going to get to they have seen your face and all, and your parents sent u to a school to learn no be spreading your legs, and it is Girls being murdered over there to get the education you are getting, a whole school was taken down murdered your brothers and sisters never live a light off until you see that condom on and keep your hand on his penis to make sure it stays on, but what you did was irresponsible on your behalf, and you are being very violatatileable and selfishness and unfair and wrong dead wrong, I will pray for all you wronged married or not maybe this will teach them, and u especially cause you are beyond mentally sick but emotionally and do not care about no one but yourself, and I am not the Judge but God&Jesus is always and I pray you do live to see another life. Blessings

  165. In this country it’s a felony to intentionally spread HIV. You can be charged with attempted murder and when a victim dies from it they get charged with murder.

  166. She is hurting people as a result of being raped and infected. But she needs to realize she doing the same thing to innocent people . No even a married cheater deserves this fate cause his wife is innocent

  167. Idgaf if she got “raped”…. the men that she infected didn’t do it to her, so girl is nasty af… if she really wanted to get revenge, she should have personally taken it out on the male that gave it to her on the first place. Smdh

  168. I’m am a wife; and if it was my husband who got HIV, it would be on him for bringing it home, not the woman. So stop with what about the children, it’s the man who needs to think about their family

  169. I think its just wrong to take her mistake out on anyone be responsible, she should have been responsible to know what was going on with the situation an her body

  170. People need to pay more attention to their surrounding’s I mean you got drunk at the wrong place at the wrong time….i mean surly the friends u were with didn’t have your back at all……an now u wanna take it out on everybody….. She’s gonna do what she do but all them duds should’ve been strapping up…..u was lusting to hard

  171. She’s totally absurd. One man infected her while she was irresponsible for herself. But who knows, maybe other men took their turn with her.. but she’ll never know that miss drunken “lady”.

  172. hopefully an actual train is ran on this bitch deliberately infecting people who had nothing to do with her getting HIV. She could potentially be infecting yet to be born kids and unknowing wives.

  173. I don’t no why marryied men be the first in line and they got women home, They are more aggressive than single MEN,cause they got to hurry and get back home!!! So they don’t have to think

  174. Do you guys really believe this? Can you imagine how many hours it would take to accomplish what they are claiming? She would have to dress up, go out and attract the men, find secret spaces to sleep with them (as her neighbors and family members can see and would have intervened a long time ago), she would then have to do the deed, wash her behind and sheets, then start again. There are not that many hours in the day to bed that many men in the short period of time that they are talking about. She would have to be laying in the bed with her legs open 24/7. No eating, moving around or anything. I worked with aids patients. They don’t have that much damn energy when at her phase. Also, the pictures are of different girls. I can’t help, but wonder why this story was printed. I guess we are supposed to look at all African or Kenyan women and be afraid and angry at them. Think of them as undesirable. I don’t believe the hype. The story sounds suspicious to me. No matter what we do or do not do, even in Africa I guess, there is always the presumption that we are guilty of what ever people accuse us of doing, even among people of African ancestry. Shame.

  175. Hmm each there own i guess but being drunk doesnt give a person the right to violate u!!! Thoes who think that way let me ask u this…wat if she was simpily walking home from class in broad day light and sober would she count as a victim then????
    Further more i understand she was angry but her actions r jus wrong. Even worse that she is possibly luring these victims in. She deserve the illbess anymore than her lovers do

  176. Are 324 men so irresponsible & desperate for sex from a young woman not one of them thought to wear a condom? Knowing they didn’t know her from Eve? The disgusting married men who have now endangered their wives & future children.She’s evil & set on destroying as many as she can. Now maybe men/women will think twice before having sex raw with someone who is not your husband/wife. The blame can go both ways for real. You should never drink so much you are not aware of what’s going on around you. That’s how we get caught up in those situations. Truly, truly tragic, and totally preventable.

  177. I can feel her with the pain we do to each other but that attempted murder and other felonies I can think of this is why I tell people or my dudes that all these beautiful women get hit on by the best these days things are crazy

  178. Dumb thot. Should had went back to javier she dumb cuz its only going to come back to her 10 times worse. That mean she been boiling raw dawg and that shows u how many dudes still be raw dogging . Lol so sad tho.
    I don’t feel bad for them desperate dudes tho .

  179. Thats fucked up. Everybodys keeps talking about the men but she had unprotected sex and thats how she got it. :All i asked is if he had protection.” Bullshit. U van feel the difference.

  180. Some people can be so dam nasty ..they don’t respect there body’s or nobody else’s .you have to be real carefully who you mess with now a days cause people can be real fake and selfish..and the sad thing is you can be down for them 100 % and don’t even know you let a snake into your house with children an all..dam shame smh

  181. She was wrong for what she did but how do we know if that man she sleep with was going the same thing she is doing. He had to get it from an female so now he mad and want to infected has many woman he can.and for those man that were married ain’t any better cause now they got to come clean with their wives.people need to stop playing with others lives it’s not that hard to use protection, hell some clinic u can get condoms for free.

  182. Wow ok feel bad for the ones who are sleeping with thosw she slept with…the real victims…she is selfish and petty and at the end of the day she’s mad at herself the most and by now probably hates herself too smh… Sad

  183. If she’s taking her meds slim chance if anyone catching it An she taking a chance on another strain of infection if they have any stds so she doing harm o herself an men an women use a condom thats why this mess is around no covering


  185. That is why I never liked clubbing or going to party’s yes some men are wicked I have experienced that but I thank God what happened to me didn’t get me sick while I don’t like what she has done I know exactly her pain I pray for all those involved

  186. I’ve read through quite a few of these comments and can already see how the rest are. It boils down to this, she shouldn’t have been drinkin at that age, dude shouldn’t have taken aadvantage of her in that state rather she was willing or not, he should have used a condom, she shouldn’t be going around to people intentionally rather their married or not because it doesnt just endanger the lives of the wives and kids but as well as anyone else out there that gets with the men who are single. I disagree with this action that she has chosen to do and she really should be locked up for countless of years for not just multiple charges of attempted homicide, knowingly infecting with a deadly disease but genocide as well. This is just a horrible thing for someone to do and makes me fear for my daughters’ futures.

  187. Sad story. No winners. As people try to figure who is more irresponsible for actions they commit. It’s a story maybe it’s true maybe not. But the real question is when people gone take responsibility for the mistakes they commit. Opinions are just that. Some things people do result in detrimental results. Some things people do are detrimental but results are different.

  188. She says men ruined her life but those men she infected are potentially going to have sex with other girls and spread it to hundreds more. So by getting “revenge” she’s basically coming full circle on other girls.

  189. Obviously some aren’t familiar with practicing safe sex on here, actually justifying being irresponsible and yes condoms do prevent spread of HIV/Aids and unwanted pregnancy. Alot
    when you use them properly. Some don’t even know how to put them on or what size they need. How about buy and handle your own condoms. She couldn’t poke holes in it then could she. Keep justifying the bullshit so she & others like her can keep destroying lives. Take some fucking responsibility for your own damn body. It’s yours isn’t it? As if your statement were any smarter Izzi or whatever the fuck your name is, you don’t have to agree, just think dammit!

  190. I’ve been reading so many people’s comments on this and I agree with some but disagree with others. She ruined her life when She decided to get that drunk and go to a hotel with people who didn’t give a damn about her, that was the first mistake, the second mistake was sleeping with so many other men just because one guy gave you HIV? I’m sorry but this girl does deserve to get prison time. All guys are not the same. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

  191. First of all she shouldn’t have been so drunk she didn’t know who she had sex with secondly if the boy proved to be clean unless she is a virgin beforehand then she got it somewhere else and she ruin that boy’s life people are going to prison for knowingly infecting others with HIV that is considered attempted murder and when they die it is murder lastly if she get that drunk to have sex then maybe she should quit drinking

  192. We really don’t know if she was raped…She ‘Claims” she just woke up and found out that she had sex with someone…mmmmmmm….I think she was aware that she did way before….I’ll give her that she was a little drunk…but i bet she was well aware she was having sex wih someone..


  194. Doesn’t all this mean that people who sleep around indiscriminantly shouldn’t be sleeping around anyway? Its not just her who is giving HIV and or HepC to others. Who knows what else she has after sleeping with all those men. All countries don’t have effective anti viral treatments that are accessible to the public, and once you are exposed, the treatment is only effective if you receive meds within a few hours after exposure…..Yes she is disgusting but so are the people who will sleep her.

  195. ok here is another big problem in the U.S. where we have mass incarceration of African Americans.. Statistically 1 out of every 10 men incarcerated has HIV or HepC. Once they finish serving their sentence, the statistics read more like 1 out of every 4. They then go back home to their families and communities spreading the deadly diseases . Anitvirals are most effective if once a person is infected the begin treatment right away…..The CDC, Health department and other agencies predict infection rates are increasing exponentially. The moral of the story is don’t sleep around!!

  196. She is not just hurting all men as she claims.. But all the women that have sex with the men she infects. It is wrong what happen to her but taking it out on the world instead if educating other women about the dangers of heavy drinking without a plan is the worst and saddest of it all.. I feel sorry for her.

  197. That’s beyond fucked up. I get men shouldn’t be. Hearing on thier wives but no one really deserves that. And for the girl who’s infecting everyone, maybe you should have kept your legs shut! It’s your own fault no one else’s.

  198. Remember that condoms don’t really protect you from getting infected, since the HIV virus is 400 times smaller than the walls of the condom. Be aware of having sex with someone you don’t really know. The best solution to this is to have your own partner. Don’t have sex with everyone. Know the person well and have a relationship with him/her.

  199. U better put an end girl. You r not only spreading the virus but rather doing more harm to yourself by increasing your viral load and also breaking down your immune system.. Those men u sleep with, some of them also have the virus so watch out or else u will die soon.. We love u girl.. Don’t do this. Come to the hospital for proper councilling n star the antiretroviral treatment.

  200. Sick chick it ain’t nobody fault you could NT control your alcohol and had sex unprotected know it or not you got family too dummy and they could be infected by your dumb choices and it ain’t only men it’s women too dumb ass

  201. I normally wouldn’t comment on anything, but I had to do so. It’s sad when you read about something like this! I voice my opinion on the fact that she shouldn’t target innocent people, but if your married being man or woman you shouldn’t cheat anyways for you took a vow to be with and love that one person til death do you part! This world has turned into a disaster, people infecting innocent people for no reason, but then again if you choose not to protect yourself and put your trust in someone then that no longer becomes that person responsibility, for we are all responsible for the mistakes that we all make!! She fell victim when she got drunk pass her means!! She can’t blame anyone but herself in this situation because if your going to drink at least drink responsibly knowing that there are other people around you! Besides it’s not that much drunkenness in this world to not know that a man is entering his penis in you I mean come on ladies sometimes we may pretend to be sleep while our men that we are in a relationship with have sex with us just because we may not want to do it or maybe we just like the fact that we sleep and he sneak it at first without awakening us, but to say we can’t feel when a man enter us we don’t know would simply be a lie or maybe she was ruined and really didn’t feel nothing!! I mean when having sex with the man I been with for four years I felt it eventually rather drunk, sleep, or awake! I mean let’s be real you have to be ruined it ain’t that much drunkenness in the world!! A man can be drunk passed out but start rubbing down there in his boxers I bet his body parts in his boxers stand up and solute you hut hut!! And as messed up and drunk as he maybe he going to flip u and put it in your life!! I don’t mean to be nasty, but we are all adults an I feel like I covered the fact that she knows what was happening and very aware, question is nobody considered if he had sex without her being conscious or fully aware and has a nerve to ask was a condem used isn’t that rape??

  202. Not only are you infecting the 324 men but, a lot of women that they had sexual relations wit… Its truly sad that’s she felt that way she infected~ 324 ppl & their out there infecting even more ppl … SMH

  203. jes kitchen whatever I can comment on whatever I want to comment on how old are you, you could of kept that comment to yourself!! By the way when you commented you know that you could’ve spelled should’ve like that instead of should of, school have you finished it yet??

  204. While I’m sorry to hear of this woman being raped, I find it very hard to believe that she slept with 156 students AT this Kabarak University. I mean, you’re basically saying that at this school ALL those boys weren’t smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and figure out that this woman was sleeping around? Again, if this is real I feel bad that she got raped. But, in no way does it make it right for her to do this to other men who have NO relation to what happened to her. Her state of thinking is way off the charts.

  205. That’s so sad..affecting the innocent ones…She should have remember who she slept with..and make them suffer. Why the law is not picking her up..because in Texas they Arrest and sent them to the Big House. Because that’s murder ..consider that’s a crime..

  206. She has no right what so ever to infect other men + their wives + their children. If as she said the guy had sex with her and she didnt know, take him to court . Rape. But if you had sex with him because you were to drunk to act or see if he is wearing a condom, sweetie its your own fault. No right to ruin other peoples lives. And spread this horrible disease. You should have kept your legs closed.

  207. why does everybody blame her for drinking, is it really possible to black out on alcohol?? how can you be sure he didnt put anything to her drink? and she`s only 19. I don’t approve her act, but you can only judge if you were at her place

  208. Well if you read it.. It say in there he had sex with her why she was drunk… Watch that is rape.. No she not right but everyone on here calling her a bitch and things like that…. What about the guy that raped her and gave her hiv.. No one calling him names no one saying shit about him… people now days don’t been the bigger picture…. He raped her… And gave her hiv…. And ya calling her a nasty bitch because she doing what he did to her.. … Maybe guys need to be the blame… No what she doing is not right but instead of talking shit about her as you can see she need help she lost on a world that she don’t know it’s she hurting because she don’t want to let her family down but she did she even tried to kill herself… And again ya calling her names… Help her not lead her the wrong way… I am just saying.. So before you call someone names you should look at the bigger picture… SHE WAS RAPED AND GIVEN HIV…if it was me I will be more then hurt..

  209. shouldn’t have allowed herself to get that drunk to sleep with anyone then pass out ,so it is partly her fault as well as the guy that gave it to her, so I don’t consider it revenge to do that to 324 guys on purpose, it makes her as horrible if not worse than the guy that gave it to her.

  210. I don’t believe this cause if they know who she is she would have been charged with murder .when u have HIV and know u have it and still sleep with others and they don’t know it’s murder look it up.However if they do know and still sleep with u its not.

  211. She’s getting mad and revenge for something that’s her fault!! She got her stupid self so drunk that she didn’t know what was happening to her!! She put herself in that predicament and now she want all the men to pay for her careless mistakes!! 19 years old, she had no business drinking alcohol!! SMDH…


  213. That disgusting piece of shit so what it’s everyone’s fault that she was a stupid drunk ass whore she should have kept her legs closed now those poor women that have cheating husbands that have no idea are gonna get infected too you are a disgrace to women

  214. u sick bitch. thats all i can say right now cause the shit i wanna say aint gonna sound very good. i hope u rot in jail. i no what he did was not forgiveable but why u gattah go and infect everyone u just as fucking nasty as him. someone will come after u when they find out what u gave them. and they gone beat ur ass so u aint pretty no more then what u gonna do u stupid fucking bitch u make me so sick. u need to find god and quick. O WAIT UR FUCKING KILLING PEOPLE. good luck

  215. This should teach people to be loyal and to always be protected and also take their partners to the clinic to get tested together. Only reason this is sick cause some people are guilty of wanting that instant gratification. Instant gratification comes at a price if you are not patient. SO LETS BE REAL……There is a lesson to be learnt here.

  216. That’s what those dumb fucks get for going in bed with a jungle bunny that is a walking disease factory to begin with. I don’t even sit next to these apes just to be sure I don’t catch one of their many thousands of diseases they are born with or their billion of infected bugs from their nappy fur they wanna call “hair”.